Berardi, Franco ‘Bifo.’ Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide. London: Verso, 2015. 224 pp. ISBN: 9781781685785. £10.99.

  • Tomás Vergara


Berardi’s Heroes (2015) analyses the intricate relationship between capitalism and mental health by exploring the proliferation of mass murder and suicide in the twentieth-first century. This book is not essential to achieve a better understanding of Berardi’s theoretical edifice as a philosopher. Instead, Heroes offers a great application of his theoretical concepts on contemporary events, exhibiting how philosophy can be applied to contingent historical issues such as the ones dealt with in the book.

Author Biography

Tomás Vergara

Tomás Vergara is PhD candidate at The University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the relationship between politics and modes of temporality in contemporary works of speculative fiction. Tomás’ academic interests revolve around the points of intersection between psychoanalysis and Marxist criticism. He is also interested in film studies, contemporary music and the philosophy Gilles Deleuze. 

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