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We are living in a new era of haunting, one in which (as the essays published here suggest) we find ourselves engaging with the 'ethics of the spectral text', 'spectral and textual haunting', and 'ghostly narrative' (as distinct from narrative about the ghostly). Such phrases themselves tell a story or at least evoke a disorder that is in keeping with this new era. They are new kinds of phrases: they seek a place, a haunt, in which spectrality cohabits with writing, text and narrative, as well as with the question of ethics.

You have to move very fast. Everything is just clipping by. That's what is at issue in this new era in which hauntology replaces ontology and increasing spectralization is the disorder of the day.

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Nicholas Royle, University of Sussex
Nicholas Royle is a Professor of English at the University of Sussex. His publications include: How to Read Shakespeare (2005) and Jacques Derrida (2003).
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