Marcuse on Art and Technology

  • Andrew Feenberg Simon Fraser University


In this paper I will argue that Marcuse's aesthetics are deeply implicated in his concept of technology, and that technological change is in fact a fundamental "praxis" corresponding to his aesthetic theory. I will also argue that Marcuse's "aesthetics of technology" is based on his theory of sensation which he developed in a peculiar synthesis of the early Marx and Freud.

Author Biography

Andrew Feenberg, Simon Fraser University

Andrew Feenberg is the Research Chair in the Philosophy of Technology at Simon Fraser University, Canada. His research interests include critical theory of technology; Marcuse & Heidegger; technology studies; online community; and online education

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Feenberg, Andrew. 2009. “Marcuse on Art and Technology”. FORUM: University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of Culture & The Arts, no. 08 (June).
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