No 06 (2008)


06 0 2008

The spring 2008 issue of FORUM explores the concept of desire as a force inspiring works of art within a variety of cinematic and literary genres.

The issue opens with a guest article by Homay King examining the intersection between the “desire to know” and Orientalist elements of mise en scène within the genre of film noir. The discussion of cinematic representations of desire continues with articles on murder and the gaze in 1960s British film and female effigies in contemporary film Lars and the Real Girl. Turning to literature, an analysis of Angela Carter’s novel The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman looks at the function of desire within identity formation; while an essay on Gerard Manley Hopkins’s confessional notes presents a new take on a popular topic: forbidden longing.

In moving between the personal and the universal, the forbidden and the permissible, the articles in this issue present a spectrum of approaches to and understandings of desire and its aesthetic incarnations.

Editors: Kim Richmond & Ana Salzberg

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

The Shanghai Gesture PDF
Homay King 1 - 23


“Desiderio in Search of a Master”: Desire and the Quest for Recognition in Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman PDF
Helen Butcher 1 - 15
Mod Murder: Death and Desire in Swinging London Film PDF
Michelle Devereaux 1 - 15
Hopkins’s Confessional Notes and Desire: A Reconsideration PDF
Martin Dubois 1 - 12
Female Effigies and Performances of Desire: A Consideration of Identity Performance in Lars and the Real Girl. PDF
Kate E. O’Neill 1 - 13

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