No 03 (2006)

Chance and Control

03 0 2006

The autumn 2006 issue of FORUM addresses the interrelated concepts of chance and control within the arts and culture through a diverse selection of papers examining William Blake's reading of the Bible; the subversive potential of the anecdote in Soviet-era Russia; Kundera's reading of Nietzsche's concept of eternal recurrence in his novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and William Burrough's notion of the Controller's Dilemma as an alternative to the Prisoner's Dilemma.

Jackson Pollock - Full Fathom Five, 1947

Whatever your interest in the arts and culture, we are confident you will find something of interest herein.

Editors: Claire Altree & Keith Brown

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Butterfly and Bulkhead: Chance, Control, Conrad PDF
Randall Stevenson


William Blake and the Bible: Reading and Writing the Law PDF
Michael Farrell
I Wrote Eugene Onegin: Voices of Subversion and Submission in Soviet Anecdotes PDF
Sally P. C. Henderson
Happiness Filled the Space of Sadness: the Weight, Tragedy and Paradox of Milan Kundera's Freedom PDF
Jeremy Wattles
"Prisoner's Dilemma" vs. William S. Burroughs's "Controller's Dilemma": A Discursive Motif in the Repression of Working-Class Self-Organization PDF
Manuel Yang


Edward W. Said. On Late Style. London: Bloomsbury, 2006. 176 pp. PDF
Frauke Matthes

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