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No 06 (2008): Desire Female Effigies and Performances of Desire: A Consideration of Identity Performance in Lars and the Real Girl. Abstract   PDF
Kate E. O’Neill
No 10 (2010): Space/s Fictional, Factual, and Flying Space: Throwing at the Theatre in The Author on the Wheel Abstract   PDF
Hope Bernard
No 05 (2007): Apocalypse Now Filmic Eco-warnings and Television: Rolf de Heer’s Epsilon (1995) and Dr. Plonk (2007) Abstract   PDF
D. Bruno Starrs
No 01 (2005): Origins & Originality Finding the Poem - Modern Gaelic Verse and the Contact Zone Abstract
Corinna Krause
No 21 (2015): Private/Public Following Fashion: Sharing the Private in Public Abstract   PDF
Harriette R Richards
No 08 (2009): Technologies Fractured Bodies and Social Wounds: The Simulation of Trauma in J.G. Ballard’s Crash Abstract   PDF
Panayiota Chrysochou
Special Issue 04 (2015): Transnational Memory and Traumatic Histories Franco-Algerian memory and questions of gender in Ahmed Kalouaz’s Point Kilométrique 190 (1986) Abstract   PDF
Beatrice Ivey
No 15 (2012): Imitation and Repetition From a Misfire to an Open Future: Repetition, Performativity and the Promise of the Metaphor Abstract   PDF
Ana Vulic
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms From False Teeth to Exoskeletons: The Body and Materiality in William Gibson’s Burning Chrome Abstract   PDF
Hannah Collins
No 01 (2005): Origins & Originality Genesis, the Origin, and Darwin's autobiographies Abstract   PDF
Alexis Harley
No 22 (2016): Ideological Conflict Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud, Radical Orientalism: Rights, Reform, and Romanticism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015. 268 pp. ISBN: 9781107110328, £64.99. Details   PDF
Valentina Aparicio
No 07 (2008): Haunting Ge-stell and the Specters of the Spectrum Abstract   PDF
Erik Eppel
No 22 (2016): Ideological Conflict Good versus Evil: Representations of the Monstrous in Thirteenth Century Anglo-French Apocalypse Manuscripts Abstract   PDF
Anahit Behrooz
No 16 (2013): Un/Natural Histories Half Fish, Half Monster: Shakespeare’s Caliban and the Performance of Natural History Abstract   PDF
Christopher Leslie
No 03 (2006): Chance and Control Happiness Filled the Space of Sadness: the Weight, Tragedy and Paradox of Milan Kundera's Freedom Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Wattles
2006: Special Issue 01: Evolutions Homer takes the Streetcar – The Modernist Appropriation of the Epic and Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz Abstract   PDF
Christian Sieg
No 06 (2008): Desire Hopkins’s Confessional Notes and Desire: A Reconsideration Abstract   PDF
Martin Dubois
No 18 (2014): Cliché I am a Cliché Abstract   PDF
Alexander Williams
No 03 (2006): Chance and Control I Wrote Eugene Onegin: Voices of Subversion and Submission in Soviet Anecdotes Abstract   PDF
Sally P. C. Henderson
No 11 (2010): Identity Identity and Identification in Azouz Begag’s Le Gone du Chaâba and Béni ou le paradis privé Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Lewis
No 15 (2012): Imitation and Repetition Imitation, Repetition, Tradition: Some Reflections on the Poetry of Ian Hamilton Finlay Abstract   PDF
Lila Matsumoto
2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference In Arcadia: Landscape filming in a toxic wasteland Game engine affordances and post-game narratives Abstract   PDF
Corrado Morgana
No 12 (2011): Authenticity Introduction Abstract   PDF
The Editors
No 11 (2010): Identity Introduction: Special Issue of FORUM on Identity Abstract   PDF
Denise deCaires Narain
Special Issue 04 (2015): Transnational Memory and Traumatic Histories Introduction: Transnational Memory and Traumatic Histories Abstract   PDF
Joseph Ford
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