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No 08 (2009): Technologies Not Just Ensemble Films: Six Degrees, Webs, Multiplexity and the Rise of Network Narratives Abstract   PDF
Vivien Silvey
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms Notes on Metallic Affect: Metallurgy and New Materialism Abstract   PDF
Alex Casper Cline
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror Notes on the Terror Film Abstract   PDF
Keith Brown
No 10 (2010): Space/s Of Space Forevermore Abstract   PDF
Michal Kobialka
No 20 (2015): After the Good Life Oliver Bennett, Cultures of Optimism: The Institutional Promotion of Hope Details   PDF
Sarah Bernstein
No 08 (2009): Technologies On Dwarves and Scientists: Probing for Technological Ethics in the Creative Imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Kidwell
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms On The Threshold of New Materialist Studies Abstract   PDF
Iris van der Tuin
No 13 (2011): Revenge Oral History and Revenge in Annie Proulx's "The Half-Skinned Steer" Abstract   PDF
Ellen Boyd
No 09 (2009): Voice/s ORAL HISTORY AS POLITICAL RESISTANCE: Posse and Once Upon a Time in Mexico Abstract   PDF
Adam Wadenius
No 10 (2010): Space/s Orienting Design, Discourse and Perception in C’était un Rendez-Vous Abstract   PDF
Paul Krumholz
No 07 (2008): Haunting Palimpsest, Pasolini, Poe and Poetics, or the phantoms haunting Dario Argento’s Opera (1987) Abstract   PDF
Keith Hennessey Brown
2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference Playful Culture and the Glamorization of Everyday (Virtual) Life: Elements of Play in Facebook Applications Abstract   PDF
Valentina Rao
2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference Playing Before God: Theology and Play in Dialogue Abstract   PDF
Daniel Gabelman
No 10 (2010): Space/s Plugs Abstract   PDF
Steven Connor
2006: Special Issue 01: Evolutions Poetry as Compass: Chaos, Complexity, and the Creative Voice Abstract   PDF
Claudia S. Schlee
2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference Politics of Play: Situationism, Détournement, and Anti-Art Abstract   PDF
Christie Ko
No 23 (2016): Readers and Writers Preface Abstract   PDF
Katie Halsey
No 12 (2011): Authenticity Preface to FORUM Issue 12: Authenticity Abstract   PDF
Tim Milnes
No 13 (2011): Revenge Preface: "On Revenge" Abstract   PDF
Anna Maria Jones
No 03 (2006): Chance and Control "Prisoner's Dilemma" vs. William S. Burroughs's "Controller's Dilemma": A Discursive Motif in the Repression of Working-Class Self-Organization Abstract   PDF
Manuel Yang
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms Proliferation, Action: Marine Plastic Pollution, Material Agency, and Affective Representation Abstract   PDF
Clare Echterling
No 21 (2015): Private/Public Public Works Abstract   PDF
Bruce Robbins
No 21 (2015): Private/Public Publicising the Private: Dressing Room Performances in Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus Abstract   PDF
Jessica Farrugia
2006: Special Issue 01: Evolutions Pull My Daisy. A Bebop Revolution Abstract   PDF
Sara Villa
No 04 (2007): Camp! Putting on the Red Dress: Reading Performative Camp in Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows Abstract   PDF
Ryan Powell
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