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No 13 (2011): Revenge Rape and Revenge in Graphic Detail: Neil Gaiman's "Calliope," in The Sandman Comic Series Abstract   PDF
Justine Gieni
No 23 (2016): Readers and Writers Reading Projects Abstract   PDF
Faye Hammill
No 23 (2016): Readers and Writers Reading Solomon J. Solomon’s Samson against the Book of Judges Abstract   PDF
Aysha Musa
2014: Special Issue 03: ReVision Conference Realising (re)vision, manipulating manoeuvres: editing the English Middle Ages Abstract   PDF
Kenna L. Olsen
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror Re-reading Adorno: The 'after-Auschwitz' Aporia Abstract   PDF
Elaine Martin
No 13 (2011): Revenge Revenge and Remake: Meir Zarchi's Day of the Woman and Steven Monroe's I Spit on Your Grave Abstract
Nathalie S. Ingrassia
No 13 (2011): Revenge Revenge and Remake: Meir Zarchi's Day of the Woman and Steven Monroe's I Spit on Your Grave Abstract   PDF
Nathalie S. Ingrassia
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms Review of Ann Murray, ed. Germanistik in Ireland, Interrogating Normalcy Abstract   PDF
Lizzy Robinson-Self
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror Review: Terry Eagleton. Holy Terror Oxford UP, 2005. 160 pp. Details   PDF
Claire Altree
No 17 (2013): Rites & Rituals Ritual Art: Political, Social and Religious Subversion in the Dramatic Works of William Butler Yeats and Aleister Crowley Abstract   PDF
Amy Clanton
No 14 (2012): Sacred & Sacrilegious Sacred/Sacrilegious Tourism in Emily Dickinson's Poems Abstract   PDF
Li-hsin Hsu
No 05 (2007): Apocalypse Now Scenes from the Decline and Fall of the American Empire Abstract   PDF
Darryl Jones
2006: Special Issue 01: Evolutions Screaming through the century: The female voice as cathartic/transformative force, from Berg's Lulu to Tykwer's Run Lola Run Abstract   PDF
Maree Macmillan
No 13 (2011): Revenge Seeking Vengeance: Revenge Tragedy, Coherence and Scepticism from Sophocles to Shakespeare Abstract   PDF
Fionnuala ONeill
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror Sensationalism and Supersensibility: Eighteenth-Century Literary Terror Divided Abstract   PDF
Christopher Stokes
No 20 (2015): After the Good Life Sentimentality in the Suburban Ensemble Dramedy: A Response to Berlant’s Optimism-Realism Binary Abstract   PDF
Wyatt Moss-Wellington
No 15 (2012): Imitation and Repetition Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Aspects of Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer from a Translation Studies Perspective Abstract   PDF
Mara Götz
No 10 (2010): Space/s Spaces Turning into Places: Mental vs. Institutional Places and Spaces in Colin Thubron’s A Cruel Madness Abstract   PDF
Cornelia Wächter
No 17 (2013): Rites & Rituals Spatialising Ritual: Acts of Remembrance in Contemporary Memorial Design Abstract   PDF
Russell Rodrigo
No 22 (2016): Ideological Conflict Stealing Fire: Political Re-Appropriation of Verse Drama in Tony Harrison’s Prometheus and Liz Lochhead’s Medea Abstract   PDF
Harriet MacMillan
2006: Special Issue 01: Evolutions Subgenres as a sign of socio-cultural change: the case of men's magazines' problem pages in the UK Abstract   PDF
Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo
No 11 (2010): Identity Surrealism and the ‘Fissured Subject’: Breton, Éluard, and Desnos Abstract   PDF
James Leveque
No 16 (2013): Un/Natural Histories Tales of Torment: Death, Nature, and Genre in Keri Hulme’s Short Story Collection Te Kaihau/The Windeater Abstract   PDF
Justine Seran
No 08 (2009): Technologies Technology and Perception in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire: A Reflection on Time, Space and Memory in the Postmodern Metropolis Abstract   PDF
Silia Kaplan
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror Terrorism and Its Metaphors Abstract   PDF
Mark Fabiano
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