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2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference Violence as Surrealist Play in Angela Carter's Shadow Dance Abstract   PDF
Anna Fruchart Watz
No 23 (2016): Readers and Writers Virtual Playgrounds: Electronic Literature’s Challenge to Authorship Abstract   PDF
Lydia Tuan
No 16 (2013): Un/Natural Histories We Have Built You: On the Nature of Artificial Intelligence in Blade Runner and Babylon Babies. Abstract   PDF
April Durham
No 16 (2013): Un/Natural Histories Wilderness, the West and the Myth of the Frontier in Sean Penn’s Into the Wild Abstract   PDF
Laura I. H. Beattie
No 03 (2006): Chance and Control William Blake and the Bible: Reading and Writing the Law Abstract   PDF
Michael Farrell
No 11 (2010): Identity ‘At Home in Dust’: Francesca Woodman’s House Series, Revisited Abstract   PDF
Meaghan Thurston
No 14 (2012): Sacred & Sacrilegious ‘Numinous’ and ‘Negatively Numinous’ in Bram Stoker’s Dracula Abstract   PDF
Lucy Linforth
No 09 (2009): Voice/s ‘Whatever people say I am…’: Multiple voices on screen and page in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Abstract   PDF
David Forrest
No 08 (2009): Technologies “a void rubbing out its own inscription”: Electronic Technology, Hypertext and the Paradox of Self-Erasure Abstract   PDF
Luke Korzun Martin
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror “Bonnie und Kleid”: Female Terrorists and the Hysterical Feminine Abstract   PDF
Clare Bielby
No 07 (2008): Haunting “But who is to say what is fake and what is real?” – Spectral and Textual Haunting in Peter Ackroyd’s Chatterton Abstract   PDF
Stefanie Albers
No 09 (2009): Voice/s “Child’s Own Voice”: Representing the Child Audience Abstract   PDF
Lynn Whitaker
No 06 (2008): Desire “Desiderio in Search of a Master”: Desire and the Quest for Recognition in Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman Abstract   PDF
Helen Butcher
No 13 (2011): Revenge “Eat Shit and Die!”: Rereading power dynamics in fictional depictions of coprophagia Abstract   PDF
Mike Witcombe
No 10 (2010): Space/s “Justified in the World”: Spatial Values and Sensuous Geographies in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road Abstract   PDF
Anthony Warde
No 22 (2016): Ideological Conflict “Of traditional Israel and Albion”: discourses of racial purity and the Jewish body in Mina Loy’s “Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose” Abstract   PDF
Rachel Smith
No 05 (2007): Apocalypse Now “The Four Horsemen of the Greenhouse Apocalypse”: Apocalypse in the Science Fiction Novels of George Turner Abstract   PDF
Roslyn Weaver
Special Issue 04 (2015): Transnational Memory and Traumatic Histories “The great night of Europe is shot through with long, sinister trains”: Transnational memory and European identity in Antonio Muñoz Molina’s Sepharad Abstract   PDF
Lasse-Emil Paulsen
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms “the killing of speech”: The Sonic-Politics of The Four Horsemen Abstract   PDF
Eric Schmaltz
No 10 (2010): Space/s “To the Ice-House” – With Apologies to Virginia Woolf: Conversations on Place in the Humanities Abstract
Judith Irwin-Mulcahy et al
No 15 (2012): Imitation and Repetition “Trust me, I’m telling you my life story”: Queer Return in the memoirs of Jeanette Winterson and Jackie Kay Abstract   PDF
Eileen Pollard
No 11 (2010): Identity “What a story it could be”: Identity and Narrative Strategy in Ali Smith’s Like Abstract   PDF
James Bailey
No 22 (2016): Ideological Conflict “You’re either with us, or you are with the terrorists” – Juxtaposed Ideologies in the War on Terror Abstract   PDF
Maryam Jameela
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