Information for new reviewers

Become a member of the Forum Journal team!

Sign up now using our online reviewers sign-up form (click here for the link) - once you've confirmed your email address, you'll be added to our reviewers mailing list and receive information about future meetings, socials and editorial opportunities. 

Alternatively, email us at - we'll be delighted to answer your questions and are happy to hear from anyone interested in working on Forum. 

Forum Article Allocation Meeting on Wednesday 5th October:
The first Forum reviewers meeting & social will be on Wednesday 5th October at 4pm in room 8.16, David Hume Tower.

What happens at this meeting:

  1. A brief introduction to the reviewing process - what's involved, how much time it'll take, and when we need your reviews by. 
  2. I'll distribute details of articles submitted for the upcoming issue of Forum, giving you a quick description of each article.
  3. You'll choose from the list which article you'd like to review, and volunteer! 
  4. We'll have drinks, snacks and a chance for you to chat with others working on Forum. 

Why join Forum?

Forum is a well respected peer-reviewed on-line journal. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to the realm of arts and culture and consider contributions from across the spectrum of the humanities. Published biannually, each edition focuses on a selected theme, provoking discussion and debate whilst maintaining an overall coherency. Forum provides a platform for the exchange of intellectual ideas, encouraging postgraduate participation in contemporary critical debates.

What's involved?

Initially, you can become a Reviewer and provide feedback on submitted articles; this is the crucial peer-review element of the journal. You can also go further than this and serve as an Article Editor. This involves liaising with the author in order to advise on changes that may be needed to make their paper publishable. If you're particularly keen, you may wish to act as an Issue Co-Editor. Co-editors write the call for papers, publicise Forum, contact senior scholars specialising in the issue theme for guest articles, and organise the process of reviewing and creating the journal. All these roles impart quality experience of academic publishing and look good on your CV. But more than that, Forum makes you part of a team, bringing a social side to research life.